Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Staying on Top of all Red Flags in the Warehouse

It is important to always be in a position to anticipate, prevent, and notice red flags in due time to avoid accidents, downtimes, and financial loss in the warehouse. While focusing on the big issues is ok, it is often the small things which escape your attention that eat away at safety and productivity around the workshop. Something as simple as missing forklift service schedules can have an adverse impact on your operations. Proactive management also demands that you deploy a system that stays on top of what is on target. Here are a few tips to help see you through.

Proactive management

Take advantage of performance indicators to know where the warehouse stands and isolate any red flags. This means you have to prioritize performance measurement in your warehouse management efforts. Measurement of KPIs should emphasize more on those areas that have a zero tolerance to break downs.
Some of the warehouse KPIs include:


This includes elements such as inventory turnover, inventory to sales ratio, inventory accuracy, and carrying cost of inventory. You also need to measure elements that comprise product availability, product damage, order entry, and order fill and errors.


Forklifts are giant powerful machines and it is by no accident that they are the sixth most cited violation for 2016 according to OSHA. Such violations translate into extra costs on the warehouse operations and often cover aspects such as:
Forklift service must be done according to schedule and forklift oem parts used all the time. You can get used and new forklift parts from Accurate Forklift.

Accurate Forklift can help

Accurate Forklift is your trusted partner when it comes to forklift service, forklift repair, forklift rental, and access to affordable new forklifts parts. We can also help you with information you need to improve safety around the warehouse or job site. Call us today to discuss your requirements at 770-692-1455.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Top Warehouse Forklift Safety Essentials

Forklift Safety is a must in busy Warehouses with a hive of activity as people battle to keep timelines by getting products onto the racks and orders shipped out. This, coupled with the sizeable number of transient workers that feature in warehouses, it is easy to sacrifice safety and forklift service. That is why it is important to implement safety practices and engage in continuous training programs. In this blog, we look at some of the safety practices that must be commonplace in every safe warehouse.


Warehouse employees, especially forklift operators, must receive continuous safety training. You can rope in external partners to get professional training services or help crafting your training curriculum. Some of the common aspects that must feature in your forklift operator training include:
  • Raising and lowering loads
  • Proper speeds and negotiating corners
  • Following distance
  • Load stability
  • Relationship between load stability changes and changes in center of gravity
  • Lift servicing and inspection
  • Using lifts on slopes, various weather conditions, and rough terrain

Fuel safety

Whatever the fuel you use for your forklifts, whether propane, diesel, or electric, there are known hazards that you need to avoid. Forklifts that work with internal combustion engines are a bad choice for indoor work owing to the effects of incomplete combustion. While ventilation, open overhead doors, and large spaces may reduce the amount of carbon monoxide that reaches warehouse workers, a safe bet is to go electric. LPG and propane can also travel along the floor until it finds an ignition source. This is because they are heavier than air and also extremely flammable. Ask your forklift service provider to equip the exhaust with the best scrubbers and take other necessary precautions such

Forklift specifications

Always make sure that you buy forklifts that are configured to optimally operate in your warehouse. This include its height, width, attachments, among others. The forklift must also be able to reach and maneuver on the warehouse pathways and hazardous or classifieds areas. If you are looking for the best in forklift service and forklift rental services, look no further than accurate Forklifts. All our service and repairs make use of new forklift parts from Accurate Forklifts. Call us today to get more information on services and products including forklift service and forklift rental at 770-692-1451.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Busting Common Misconceptions About Used Forklifts and Parts

If you are looking to buy a forklift or parts for your fleet, used options help you achieve your objectives at a fraction of the cost. Used forklifts lower the amount of capital you need to setup your business or grow your fleet, while used forklift parts help lower the cost of forklift service and keep your old forklift trucks running. Not all used forklifts and parts can be classified as being subpar, depreciate rapidly or have unfixable issues. We provide a complete collection of used and salvage forklifts and parts that span all the top makes and models. New forklift parts from Accurate Forklifts also give you access to a complete range of forklift oem parts. In this blog, we look at some of the common misconceptions associated with the purchase of used forklifts and parts to help you make an informed decision.

Myth: Used forklifts are plagued with unfixable problems
Fact: Although any used machinery can potentially present myriad technical and mechanical issues, it is fairly easy to identify such options before you part with your money. The right strategy when shopping for a used forklift is get it thoroughly inspected before purchase. Accurate Forklifts provides deals on equipment that preform as promised and we are available every step of the way to provide expert forklift service and offer advice and the tools you need to keep your forklift trucks performing optimally.

Myth: Used means subpar
Fact: All used forklifts and forklift parts undergo extensive restoration, inspection, and evaluation before they are put on the market. Industry-leading agents such as Accurate forklifts even go a step further to provide limited warranties. Your forklift service costs will not be any greater than what you would incur for a new truck. Quality is always assured and you can enjoy peace of mind in the knowledge that you are not splurging your cash on scraps.

Myth: Used forklifts and parts depreciate rapidly
Fact: This assertion runs contrary to the truth as cars and forklift truck depreciate fast during the early stages. Used forklift trucks will have undergone most of this accelerated initial depreciation, meaning that you get real value for every penny spent. Used forklift parts also go through extensive tests and restoration to ensure that they still have a lot of life left in them.

Get the best Forklift deals

Accurate Forklifts offers the best deals on forklift service, forklift rentals, and new forklift parts. We also provide used and salvage options to meet every need and budget. Talk to us today to get more information on available deals on Toyota Forklifts, Nissan Forklifts, Hyster Forklifts, and Caterpillar forklifts. You can call us at 770-692-1455.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A Look At Some Common Forklift Applications

The forklift and conveyor manufacturing industry is worth a staggering $31+ Billion every year and the figures are expected to rise considerably in future. The industry employs around 100 000 people and features big names such as Toyota, Caterpillar, and Hyster. You can find all the best forklifts for sale in Atlanta, whether new, used, or salvage. In this brief read, we look at the various applications of forklift trucks across industries in moving large and heavy items. 


Although small warehouse operations can manage without a forklift, large operations demand the best forklifts for the job. Warehouses can choose from the various styles and sizes from forklifts for sale in Atlanta. The forklift trucks can offer range from pedestrian operated to large driver operated models. They serve myriad purposes and include but are not restricted to pallet trucks and shelf stackers. There are also a number of forklift attachments that are popular with warehouse operators when performing specific tasks. 


Forklift trucks were first used to load and unload barges and ships during the second world war. Since then, they have gone through lots of transformation and now work to haul huge containers from delivery trucks to dockyard storage, and ultimately to ships. They are super quick and efficient and also relied upon for the hauling and offloading of shipments.

Construction sites

Forklift trucks are also a common feature at construction sites, where they haul heavy building materials. They provide the functionalities of a truck and lifting equipment, which in some instances is replaced with truck mounted forklifts to haul the materials over great distances and even rough terrain. Truck mounted forklifts are widely used in a variety of configurations such as in bucket lifts. 

Other Uses

Various attachments enable forklifts to perform specialized tasks such as dust mopping, and wet, or dry sweeping warehouses, parking lots, and dock floors. A plow attachment can also be added to get rid of snow and dirt piles. Our forklifts for sale in Atlanta feature a wide range of forklifts for every requirement. We also provide top shelf forklift repair services in Atlanta for all popular forklift makes. Call us today to discuss your requirement and get the best options and deals on your next forklift truck.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Must-Have Forklift Safety Accessories

Safety is always of paramount importance when deploying your forklifts. It starts with choosing the right forklift for sale in Atlanta, hiring a certified operator, and equipping it with the necessary safety accessories. The majority of forklift that are in use could actually be made to be better prepared to take on their daily tasks. Here are 3 accessories that can help you expand and enhance your safety measures. 

Suspension chair

If you want to eliminate downtimes due to forklift operator injury, ergonomic or suspension chairs are the way to go. Money spent on suspension chairs gives your enterprise a healthy return on investment as your business will record a significant boost in productivity. Your forklift operators benefit from suspension chairs through improved posture, and relief to some common issues associated with working for extended hours. In such a scenario, efficiency in increased, compensation claims are reduced drastically, among many other benefits. Talk to your provider of forklifts for sale in Atlanta for the best suspension chairs.

Blue Strobe Lights

Safety lighting technology is another safety accessory that you ought to install on your forklifts. Blue strobe lights are the best of the technology and are commonly available as LED lights, making them better than other options at illuminating. The lights help make forklifts more visible and command attention. If you are working in poor lighting or fog, blue strobe lights make a perfect choice. You can buy them online and get your provider of forklift repairs in Atlanta to install them for you. 

Spill Kits

Spill kits are a must in work environment that deal in handling of hazardous materials. They comprise essential tools to prevent and remedy spill hazards. You can use the kit if your forklift has oil, battery acid, or anti-freeze leaks. Forklift operators and other employees can easily and safely deal with harmful spills with exposing themselves to any harm. 

You can never be too safe!

Talk to agents providing forklifts for sale or forklift repairs in Atlanta to get discuss and get advice on the safety accessories you need in your operations. Getting the best forklift repairs in Atlanta also helps bolster safety by ensuring that maintenance and repairs are carried out on time and that only forklift oem parts are installed.

Tips To Decide Whether To Repair Or Replace Your Forklift

If you are constantly finding yourself unable to decide whether you should continue to repair or sell your forklift truck this brief read is here to help. It is always important to know when to let go of old forklift trucks to cut your losses as opposed to holding on for some sentimental value at great cost. Forklift repair in Atlanta may cost you more if your truck is considerably aged. Although used forklifts parts in Atlanta can help you reduce repair costs, there comes a time to let go. Read on. 

When cost of ownership trumps buying a new one

The wear and tear of a forklift truck may reach such a point where it makes more sense to buy a new one as opposed to relying on repairs. The cost of ownership rises exponentially with the progression of time which makes it vital to know when its time. The best tool to help you decide is a cost-benefit analysis that takes into account costs associated with forklifts repair in Atlanta. 

Outdated technology

Forklift operators are constantly updating their skills to keep pace with new technologies and features in contemporary forklift trucks. This means that forklifts that too old may present problems for most operators and even hinder their efficiency. Make sure that your fleet comprises forklifts whose technology makes work and safety easy accomplish.
Transmission fails

A general rule of thumb that applies to cars and trucks is that the car goes with the demise of the transmission. The reason behind this is that transmission failure often occurs when the vehicle’s powertrain warranty has lapsed and it has aged considerably. In such instances, there is hardly enough miles left in the truck to justify an investment in repairs and forklift spare parts in Atlanta or any other place. Save the money meant for a new transmission and use it as a down-payment on a new forklift for sale

Get Expert help

If you are not sure whether or not it is time to replace your forklift truck, talk to reputable providers of forklift repair services in Atlanta for advice. Consider the availability of new and used forklift parts in Atlanta for any options on your shortlist. Look for reputable forklift repair services in Atlanta online and discuss your options before parting with your money.

5 Important Forklift Battery Care Tips

After finding the best forklift for sale in Atlanta, it is important to assign a certified and experienced operator, as well as know how to maintain it. Apart from ensuring the general good health of your forklift, the battery also deserves special attention. Without the proper care, it is easy for your forklift battery to suddenly get weak, fail to maintain a proper charge, or malfunction. Such a scenario negatively impacts your operations by failing to cater to your forklift truck’s power requirements for the duration of a day’s work. Let’s look at 5 ways you can increase the life of your forklift battery. 

Maintain the battery

The first and perhaps obvious way to increase the life of your forklift battery is to make sure that it receives proper maintenance. Proper forklift maintenance helps make sure that it does not wear out or deteriorate at an abnormal rate. Some of the steps you can take include keeping the terminals in a tip-top condition, keeping away corrosion and rust, as well as checking for any battery acid leaks. 

Charge after an 8-hour shift

Knowing the proper frequency to charge your battery helps enhance its lifespan. According to expert advice, doing so after an 8-hour shift is the best way to achieve that objective. Also make sure that all forklift truck batteries are fully charged before the start of a new working day. Instruct all forklift operators to keep an eye on the power levels throughout every day to nip problems in the bud. 

Keep away from ‘Quick charges’

Quick charges are out of the question. Proper full battery charging has no shortcuts. This is one of the notable ways you can avoid damaging the battery and adopting an inefficient approach. Talk to your provider of forklift repairs in Atlanta on the best charging practices if you run into problems associated with improper battery charging. 

Charge in a ventilated area

You need to charge your forklift battery without any disruption or occlusions and also keep away oxidation. This can only be achieved by charging it in a well-ventilated area. Oxidation results in rust, which negatively impacts the battery life. Talk to your provider of forklifts for sale in Atlanta for tips on how best you can design such an area. 

Do not over discharge

Abnormal discharge loads cut short the life of your battery. Avoid discharging more than 80 percent of your batteries. When you go shopping for a forklift for sale in Atlanta, find a battery that gives you the best discharge curve. Ask your provider of forklift repairs in Atlanta to check your battery every time the truck goes for maintenance or repairs. Make sure your forklift operators are educated on the best battery care practices

Tips to Avoid Mistakes When Operating A Forklift

Forklift rentals in Atlanta give you access to an extensive range of forklift trucks for all requirements. Apart from getting the best forklift for the job, you must also get a skilled person to operate it. Efficiency and safety demand attention, precision, and the adoption of practices designed to keep the workplace safe. Forklift operators have a huge role to play to maintain safety around the warehouse and job sites. Here are some common mistakes that forklift operators must avoid to promote safe forklift operation.

Avoid reckless forklift operation

It is always important to engage in responsible forklift operation. Practices such as looking behind the forklift before reversing can never be overemphasized. Any provider of forklift rentals in Atlanta will tell you how many accidents in the workplace are a result of failure by forklift operators to consistently engage in safe driving and operation practices. Being mindful of your driving and avoiding taking sharp turns or driving at excessive speeds is the only way you can see and avoid any potential risks to yourself and the environment
Maintain space awareness

This is not a problem that not only affects newbie forklift operators but seasoned ones as well. Your perception of the size of your load may not not always be the reality. Always make it a point to get help from a co-worker with space awareness. 

Observe your surroundings

Many accidents and injuries in warehouses and at job sites are a direct result of operators failing to observe their surroundings. Just like with motor vehicles, the use of mobile devices also plays a significant part in the accidents. Make sure your head is always on the swivel and looking out for any risks that may arise. 

Don’t exceed the load limit

Trying to haul loads that exceed the capacity of the forklift is also a significant cause of workplace accidents. Apart from accidents, many other issues may arise from carrying loads that are greater than what the forklift manufacturer prescribed. If you are looking for reputable forklift rentals in Atlanta, your search ends here. We also provide the best used forklifts for sale in Atlanta. Call us today at ……………………… to discuss your requirements.

Energy Efficient Benefits of Electric Forklifts

Are you on the hunt for a forklift for sale in Atlanta? The market is awash with options and it is easy to get confused as to which one to pick. Before you concern yourself with choosing the best make and model, the first order of business is whether to go for a gas or electric powered forklift. The best addition to your fleet is an electric forklift and you can find forklifts for sale in Atlanta with a simple search online. Providers of forklifts and forklift parts in Atlanta can also give you access to cost effective options. Here are some of the energy efficient benefits that you stand to gain from an electric forklift.
Environmental friendliness

There is so much talk and action globally around protecting the environment. You can play your part by opting for an electric forklift as it does not pollute the air owing to the absence of exhaust emissions. Some forklift manufacturers are actually raising the bar in terms of environmental management protocols such as ISO 14001 Certification. Electric forklifts allow you to save on overheads while integrating other green technologies to further reduce any negative impact on the environment. 

Lower maintenance costs

Although you will have to pay a little bit more for an electric forklift, you will incur lesser maintenance and repair costs. Forklift repair service providers in Atlanta can cater to all popular forklift makes and models. Electric forklift have lesser moving components and mechanism owing to the absence of a combustion engine. You can forget about buying oil, belts, spark plugs, pistons, and converters when you go hunting for new or used forklift parts in Atlanta

Ample power and capacity

Electric forklifts offer equal and in some cases better power and capacity when compared with gas forklift. You can haul the same loads that are assigned to gas forklifts. They can haul goods up to 3,500 pounds. Talk with a provider of forklifts for sale in Atlanta to explore available options to meet your requirements. 

Save costs and the environment

There is every reason to go for an energy efficient option when you go shopping for forklifts for sale in Atlanta. Choose a model for which you can easily find new and used forklift parts in Atlanta. Providers of new and used forklift also give you access to the best forklift maintenance and repairs in Atlanta. It is advisable to research on the different makes and models before going in the market.

Warehousing 101: Optimizing Forklift Maintenance

If you are looking to streamline your warehouse operations and business processes, proper forklift maintenance is a good starting point. Due diligence starts when you go hunting for forklifts for sale in Atlanta. It is folly to consider the price without looking at the costs of forklift oem parts and repair in Atlanta associated with the specific brand and model under consideration. Proper forklift maintenance and repair helps you reduce or eliminate downtimes, reduce repair costs, and run operations more smoothly.

Archaic safety practices

Safety in any warehouse largely relies on the safety practice in place. Failure to keep up with changes with regards to safety can result in fundamental errors, accidents, injuries, and even death during maintenance. Optimize your forklift maintenance practices by tapping into relevant changes within the industry.

Poor emissions control

You risk incurring fines if your forklift trucks don’t meet emissions control requirements. Any effective forklift maintenance regimen must be mindful of emissions control requirements to avoid the burden of fines on your warehouse at the time of inspections. One way to go about this is integrating green technology. 

Unchecked leaks

Forklift maintenance crews and operators must liquid levels. Checking hydraulic fluid, battery, and coolant before releasing a forklift from the workshop or operating it should be standard practice to avoid overheating, loss of power and failed forks. It goes without saying how disastrous any of these incidents can be during the critical phases of hauling goods. Identify and fix problems before they demand costly repairs. You can get affordable used forklift parts in Atlanta to help keep your maintenance costs down. 

Inaccurate tire pressure

Any forklift operator, owner, mechanic, or warehouse manager knows the importance maintaining the correct tire pressure at all times. That is why checking tire pressure should become second nature. Underinflating means poor traction, while overinflating can lead to blowouts. Forklift operators must keep pressure gauges handy at all times to avoid accidents and costly forklift repairs.

Get expert help

Not checking brakes routinely can also result in disaster or unnecessary costs. Talk to your provider of forklifts for sale in Atlanta to discuss the availability and costs of forklift oem parts in Atlanta for the forklift you want to buy or already own. They can also help you with forklift repairs and finding used forklift parts in Atlanta that have been tested. Discuss your forklift maintenance regime for advice on any areas that you may need to work on to improve safety and efficiency, and lower costs.

Forklift Monitoring Tips to Reduce Costs

Experienced forklift operators will tell you how easy it is to loose control of your forklift operational costs, whether you own a fleet or rely on forklift rentals in Atlanta. You must identify ways and opportunities to maximize savings without compromising operations. This can only be achieved through monitoring the costs of running your forklift truck fleet and finding creative ways to cut overheads. You need to look at elements such as routing, operator behavior, and optimal utilization to drive savings. Providers of forklift rentals and forklifts for sale in Atlanta can help you get your forklift fleet management right. 


Forklift operational costs may shoot up due to poor routing. To fix routing issues, implement routing that utilizes real time information from the fleet. Establish efficient and expedient routes to haul items. Make a list of your routing challenges and address the most pertinent as a matter of priority. There are various technologies you can use to improve your fleet routing and optimize inventory location, including supply chain management software and GPS.
Utilization Efficiency

Keeping a grip on forklift operational costs also entails ensuring efficient and effective utilization of the fleet. Eliminate all wasteful behaviors and practices by using telematic monitoring systems to access the best programs and applications for the purpose. The solution gives every user instant access to vital information such as maintenance management, fleet allocation, training information, and operator compliance.
Operator Behavior

Accidents in the warehouse or at job sites are costly to the business and often avoidable. Timely forklift repairs in Atlanta and staying on top of operator behavior are two of the best ways to reduce accidents. To regulate operator behavior, prohibit the use of electronic equipment such as phones to avoid distractions when operating a forklift truck. You must also enforce compliance, set speed limits, monitoring driving behaviors, and raising safety awareness.
Save More on Forklift Rentals and Sales

Although keeping a tab on operational costs gives you savings, you can also save immensely while getting good value for money when buying new or used forklifts to grow your fleet. Search for the best forklift rentals in Atlanta and engage in comparison shopping. You can also find the nation’s leading providers of forklifts for sale and forklift repairs in Atlanta. Get all your forklift oem parts from reputable dealers to eliminate downtimes and costly repairs.

Tips on Choosing the Best Forklift Truck for the Job

There are lots of options to choose from when it comes to forklift rentals in Atlanta. When you go shopping for forklift rentals or used forklift for sale in Atlanta, it is important to aim for the most cost effective and production machine. To help you take the best pick, lets look at the elements you must consider. 


The specifics of the intended application and job site greatly influence the choice of the best forklift truck. Consider elements such as the types of materials or products to be lifted, whether it will work on smooth floors or rough terrain, and the work is indoors or outdoors.

Lift height

Lift height directly impacts a forklift truck’s load-carrying capacity. Factors that influence your choice of the proper lift height include the size of your warehouse and its use, and the nature of your business. Apart from being able to do the required task, the forklift must comply with any height restrictions. 

Load capacity

This consideration is important in so far as you don’t want to end up with a forklift whose capacity is below your requirement. Factors that influence your choice include width of loads, average height of loads, the heaviest loads, and the stock that is to be lifted. 

Fuel type

There are two types of forklift fuels – electric and internal combustion. Electric forklifts have higher upfront and operational maintenance costs but demand less operational costs and have a longer service life. They are quiet and produce no emissions, making them best for indoor or cold climate use. Internal combustion forklifts trucks can work in any environment and run on a variety of fuels such as liquid propane, gasoline, and diesel. They also offer higher reach and more lift capacity.

Tire Choice

Tire choice is influenced by the environment in which the forklift will be operating. Available types of tires include pneumatic tires, cushion tires, and solid tires of different materials. You can also get non-marking forklift truck tires that eliminate markings on your warehouse floor. Electric forklifts can be fitted with polyurethane materials that are best and only suitable for indoor use. They offer the benefit of a longer lifespan owing to reduced rolling resistance.

Which Forklift is for You?

Speak to professionals to get the best advice when looking for a forklift for sale or forklift rentals in Atlanta. Buying or renting a wrong forklift for the job at hand is not only financially unwise, but also opens the door for accidents, losses, injuries, and even deaths. Always go for reputable brands and remember to check out used forklifts for sale in Atlanta if you are shopping on budget or looking to make some savings without compromising quality.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Benefits of Buying Used Forklifts

Deciding whether to buy a new or used forklift or go for forklift rentals in Atlanta demands knowledge of all the pros and cons. While agents that provide forklift rentals in Atlanta have some of the best deals you can ever get, used forklifts give you many benefits that are worth considering. Here are some of the unique benefits that you stand to enjoy when you go for used forklifts for sale in Atlanta.


The first and obvious reason why used forklifts trump new ones is the cost factor. Used forklifts offer you substantial savings as they are heavily discounted. They are available in all makes and models in varying conditions. You can use the money that you save to enhance your operations in a host of other areas. Most used forklifts for sale in Atlanta still have a lot of life in them, making them great value for money. They are also great for start ups or those looking to grow their fleet without making a huge investment. 

Raise your bottom line

Used forklifts are uniquely placed to help you raise your bottom line owing to the significantly lower up-front costs. Go for a forklift rentals and sales agent in Atlanta that gives you access to forklifts that have been properly maintained and restored, and come with some form of warranty. A properly maintained will often cost you less than a new one when it comes to repairs.

Faster acquisition

If you need to take immediate delivery of the forklift, used forklifts are the way to go. They can be delivered on the same day, unlike new forklift that often have to be assembled or delivered from the manufacturer, something that does not sit well with business-critical forklift replacements. Forklift rentals in Atlanta, like used forklifts sales, also help you eliminate downtimes and cut losses, with immediate delivery and a variety of options.

Stay up-to-date

Used forklifts for sale in Atlanta allow you to stay up to date without breaking the bank. New forklifts that feature the latest technologies are pricey, when it comes to showroom prices. If any of the new lift trucks are critical to your fleet and operations, you can easily find great deals on used forklifts for sale in Atlanta. You can also find an extensive range of forklift spares and attachments to upgrade your fleet and stay relevant. 

Parting shot

There are many other benefits associated with buying used forklifts for sale in Atlanta, including tax benefits. Talk to a reputable provider of forklift rentals in Atlanta to discuss your requirement or find specific pieces of materials handling equipment. You can find reputable agents by searching online for used forklift sales in Atlanta. Do some research before getting in touch with any of the agents to get a good idea of the available used forklift or forklift rental options and what other business organizations have to say about them.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Dangerous Forklift Modifications to Avoid

Lift trucks are responsible for a lot of accidents, injuries, and death around the world. However, if properly maintained, repaired, fitted with forklift oem parts, and operated by competent operators, they provide a substantial boost in terms of productivity and eliminate all known hazards. In an effort to customize forklifts for specific tasks or cut corners in terms of repairs and maintenance, some people modify their forklifts. While modifications may be necessary, there are some that are downright dangerous as they seek to alter the truck’s capacity, intended use, or balance. In this blog, we look at 3 such modifications you ought to avoid.

Adding Accessories

One area that often features unsafe modification is the overhead guard, where you can find additional lights, mirrors, fans, strobes, and fire extinguishers. While some forklift manufactures cater for such additions by designing overhead guards with additional holes, other brands and models don’t. In the absence of additional holes, it is not advisable to drill additional holes as it may compromise safety. You may find yourself exposed in the event of incidents such as rollovers and falling objects. The best approach is to mount any accessories on an external mounting bracket which can be secured around the overhead guard.

Alterations To The Fork

Forklifts preform a host of activities which extend to acting as a crane when you need to vertically hoist heavy objects. You can easily find customized forklift attachments for that purpose from 3rd party suppliers for the ultimate in safety. It is, however, uncommon for some mechanics to take the ill-advised route of modifying the fork for such purposes. There are many reasons why such modifications are unsafe including the fact that it is impossible to know the forks’ lift capacity.

Counterweight Modifications

It is ill-advised to make attempts at modifying a forklift to increase the size of its counterweight. The objective of such modifications is often to a forklift’s rated capacity so that it can lift overweight or over-sized loads by inflating the force exerted at fulcrum’s back-end. The counterweight plays a central role in the forklift’s stability, making such alterations ill-advised. The operator of any such modified forklift can easily tip it as it has a reduced margin of error when it comes to shifting the center of gravity.

Always Consult Professionals

It is advisable to consult professionals before embarking on any modifications of your forklift. Always opt for forklift oem parts and approved accessories from the manufacturer or third parties. Create a policy around this issue and ensure that all your in-house mechanics know its importance.

Tips On Changing Forks On Your Forklift Truck

Although you can always take your forklift to a qualified and experienced mechanic for maintenance and repairs, it pays to know how to do some of the work in house. You can find excellent forklift parts at authorized dealers or vendors that provide forklift salvage parts. In this blog, we look at how you can change the forks on your forklift. A damaged fork can be the cause for disaster or fatal accidents in the workplace.

Know your forklift

The first thing you need to do is go through the forklift’s manual as forklift come in different configurations. How you replace the forks is different for sit-down pallet movers, narrow merchandise movers, and large boat movers. Make sure you are using the forklift’s oem parts, and you can check its load capacity rating as listed on the forklift. The load capacity should match with the replacement part.

Find Ample Space

To safely replace the fork, you need ample space. Find an open area that has generous space and lower the fork until it is resting on the floor or at its lowest height. Place something underneath if it does not rest on the floor.

Switch Forklift Off

Some forklift must be on when you change the forks. If your forklift does not require this, it is advisable to switch it off. Check the mounting mechanism to know how to proceed. 

Check Forklift and Mount

You need to inspect all the aspects of the fork and its mounting. Look at the pins, screws, and welds to establish if they are in an excellent condition. If you notice any damage to the fork, chances are the mount is damaged as well and needs replacement.

Study The Fork Mounting

It is important to know how your forklift is mounted. You can make a drawing or take a picture to create a reference for when installing the replacement fork. The mounting will be any of the 3 types – standard hook, non-standard hook, and pin.

Release the Forks

Standard hook forklifts feature a top and bottom locking mechanism while contemporary models have quick-change forks. For older models, first release the top mechanism and then release the bottom as the forks begin to come to a rest on the floor. A pin lock mechanism may feature a pin, shaft, or rod which locks into the fork’s ‘eye’. The fork is released when you unlock the mount and slide out the pin. Remove the forks and mark them ‘damaged’.

Put the replacement fork in position in front of the forklift. Reverse your action and if you are unsure, refer to your reference. Test the new forks out on small pallets before moving to big ones. Your dealer, whether for new or salvage forklift parts can help you find the right forks for your truck. Make sure salvage forklift parts are tested for any damage before you buy. A simple online search will show you many providers of CAT forklift parts and other popular brands such as Toyota forklift parts.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Forklift Rental Options. What's Best For Me

When you need to get a forklift for your company for the first time, the options before you can be overwhelming. It takes a bit of time and some research to wrap your head around the various forklift leasing options and forklifts for sale in Atlanta and other places before you can find the best fit for your requirements. You have to weigh the pros and cons of leasing and buying your materials handling equipment. There is not clear-cut way to approach the leasing Vs buying options when it comes to forklift trucks despite the abundance of ‘expert opinion’ in support of one or the other.

Basic Approach

The first and perhaps most notable deciding factor when faced with the lease vs buy question is your company’s financial wellbeing and how you intend to use the forklift truck. If your equipment handles significantly lighter loads and those that have huge and highly profitable, it is advisable to buy your own forklift trucks as opposed to leasing. The search will naturally take you to two places, your accountants office and forklift dealer.

Leasing Options
  • Some of the available leasing options include: Residual or operating lease also called fair market value which features the lowest rates. It can however prove costly in the long term as you are required to pay the equipment’s fair market value if you intend to keep it at the expiration of your lease. 
  • A full service lease which works like a long term rental as it allows you to make monthly payments while leaving repairs and reliability to the owner. 
  • A full buyout, capital or dollar value lease, which calls for high payments 
If you are looking to reduce your monthly payments, taking out extended leases can help. You need to take care not to extend the lease beyond a point where it offers dividends for your company. You also need to consider the benefits of ownership, which we will cover in a separate blog.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

4 Signs you need to Replace Your Forklift Tires

4 Signs you need to Replace Your Forklift Tires

To achieve attain optimum productivity and safety in your company it is always important to ensure that all machinery you use is in a good working condition. Likewise, if you use lift trucks, you must make sure they are in the best condition for them to serve you well. Most forklift owners concentrate on components such as the battery and engine, neglecting elements such as forklift tires until they are in terrible shape or result in an accident. Taking care of all components of your forklift truck will go a long way in terms of maintaining a safe and ergonomic environment for the operator. Whether you purchase a gas or electric forklift for sale, tires are often not new. It is therefore, advisable to evaluate and replace them if need be, before you start using the lift truck. In this blog post, we look at various aspects that help you determine when your forklift tires need to be changed

1. Wear and Tear

You must check the amount of wearing your forklift tires have gone through. Different types of tires wear in slightly different ways. If your cushion tires are worn more than 50% and the wear line is showing, it’s time to replace them with new ones.

2. Chunks and cracks

If there are many cracks showing on your lift truck tires, they may be unsafe to use. Similarly, when huge chucks of rubber are falling off the lift truck tires, it makes it uncomfortable and unsafe for the operator to use it. You must replace the tires as soon as possible.

3. Flat spots

Normally, tires should be round. If, however, you start noticing flat spots, it’s a cause for concern. Flat spots cause imbalance of the lift and eventually pose a safety hazard to the entire operation. it is much wiser to replace them without delay.

4. Inflation and deflation

If pneumatic tires are deflated or over inflated, it causes imbalance and affects the comfort of the operator as well as the speed and efficiency of the work to be done. Get them looked at and replaced as soon as possible.
Safety first

As discussed earlier, old, worn, or damaged forklift tires pose a safety risk to your employees and cause inefficiency in your operations. It is therefore, important to call a Forklift Service company to replace them immediately if you notice any of the signs discussed. You can easily get lift truck tires on sale in Atlanta, whether electric or diesel forklift. It’s also good practice to keep extra tires so that you can easily change them in an emergency. Check your tires every now and then so you don’t miss any red flags.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Importance of Safety Training for Forklift Operators

The Importance of Safety Training for Forklift Operators

Many companies which are in the material handling business require good quality forklifts to handle their operations quickly and more efficiently. To keep the forklift in the best condition, forklift service must be preformed on a regular basis. Likewise, a well-trained forklift operator ensures the safe operation of the equipment to minimize accidents, breakdowns, and repairs. Forklift operators should undergo basic and safety training, depending on the type of lift truck. Established providers of services such as Toyota forklift services in Atlanta can help you access the best safety training for your forklift operators. This of course is advantageous in many ways, such as:

It keeps workers safe

The elevated level of activity around work sites raises the possibility of accidents. The right safety-training for your lift truck operators is a sure way to reduce the number of casualties. On the other hand, if an operator is not given the necessary safety training, they are a danger to themselves and everyone around the work site. Getting your operator trained will keep people safe from possible harm or loss of life, and eliminate downtimes. A forklift operator who is at home with essential safety measures will work more efficiently.

Reduces unnecessary costs
Training your operators on a regular basis may be time consuming and cost you money but it pays huge dividends in the long term. Although it may even reduce productivity around the work site for a number of days, it would be costlier to manage accidents that often happen in the absence of workplace safety. Accidents come with financial and legal implications, all of which your company can do without. Workers may be severely injured, your company reputation destroyed, and equipment damaged.

Increases lift truck lifespan

A well-trained operator knows how best to handle their forklift around the work area and traffic. They are aware of the necessary routine safety checks they ought to perform before using the forklift. If they notice any problems with the forklift, they are in a better position to ensure that they are addressed before they get worse or result in accidents. If you are renting a lift truck, dealers who offer forklifts for rent in Atlanta and other places can help arrange the necessary safety training for your operators. Having an operator who operates your equipment safely helps you get maximum return on your investment, as the equipment can serve you efficiently for many years. 

Get Help Today

Forklift operator safety training has many other benefits that it offers to your company or operations. Operators should also learn standard safety rules by the OSHA regulation board. There are many operator training agencies and you can approach certified Toyota forklift service providers in Atlanta for your forklift operator training.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Forklift Maintenance Tips For The Start Of A New Year

As the year begins, it’s a good time to take stock of your equipment before getting down to business. If you use forklifts, it is important to periodically undertake routine maintenance to eliminate downtimes, prevent costly repairs, ensure the equipment performs safely and optimally, and serves you for long. If your lift truck is not in good shape or out of action, this may be a good time to recondition it or consider getting a new one. You can also get used forklifts for sale in Atlanta and other jurisdictions at affordable prices. Below are some of the major parts of a forklift that you must check before putting it back to use.

Battery life/Condition

If a forklift battery is near the end of its life or damaged, it can cause unnecessary disruptions or delays to your operations. If your battery is in a bad state, try to repair it, and if not possible, get a new one. If it is still in a good condition, just service it to ensure it continues to work optimally and lives long. Get expert help if you are not familiar with battery servicing or repair.


Always ensure that the lift truck’s hydraulic system is intact. That means checking for any cracks in the hydraulic pipes and ensuring that oil is not leaking from the pipes. Also, make sure that your lift truck is well lubricated to aid the proper functioning of the engine, tines etc., and longevity. If the components are lubricated and hydraulics routinely maintained, you reduce downtimes and expensive repairs by preventing or fixing problems in their infancy. If you are ever in need of forklift service fixing the problem early is the key to long and costly repairs.

Tines and Tires

Your fork tines should still be intact, without any receding cracks that may cause accidents or even further damage the lift truck. If they are worn out or damaged, replace them. Likewise, ensure that the tires are in an excellent condition and can see the forklift through the year. It is always good practice to keep spare tires in case of any damage to the ones in use, to eliminate downtimes.

Forklift License

Remember to check your lift truck’s license for validity. If the license needs to be renewed soon, keep the fact in mind and note it down somewhere. You need to get the forklift inspected to get it licensed. Also, check your operators training, and if they need new training for the new or used lift truck in your fleet, make arrangements for the training and certification. This is to help reduce accidents and abide by regulations, and ensure proper use of your equipment.
Stay on Top of the Situation

Regular inspection of your forklift is a good practice, as it alerts you of any issues that need to be addressed. Routine checks and maintenance of your lift truck also helps you determine if it is still in good condition to carry out the desired tasks safely and efficiently. You might be better off renting or getting a new one. You can also get used lift trucks for sale from reputable forklift services providers in Atlanta.