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Forklift Stress

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Importance of Using Forklift Checklists

Safety is an important aspect of forklift use whether it’s at a job site or in a warehouse. No effort must be spared in making sure that forklift are safe to operate, as any laxity can mean accidents, injuries, OSHA investigations, and even death. There are a number of ways the issue of safety is approached when working with forklifts. It starts with an assessment and choosing the right type of forklift for sale or forklift for rent for the work and environment at hand, routinely maintaining it, coming up with a policy regarding safety, and making use of checklists. Here is a look at the importance of using checklists when working with forklifts.

What is a forklift checklist?

Checklists come in different forms and serve various purposes. While a checklist used when shopping for forklifts for sale is meant to help establish the condition and value of the truck, especially when it comes to used forklifts and salvage forklift trucks for sale, the daily checklist aims to identify any issues before or after operations. Daily checklist are the subject of discussion in this blog as it is mainly concerned with ensuring safety.

What does a checklist entail?

Checks are performed daily before operations begin or at the end of each shift in the event that the trucks are used around the clock. The forklift is checked following steps laid down in the checklist to identify any problematic forklift parts, damage, and wear and tear. Any red flags must be reported immediately and action taken to repair the affected truck. This way, not only accidents are avoided, but OSHA penalties, and expensive repairs.

Why Use Checklists?

OSHA standards pertaining to powered industrial truck training make it mandatory for employers to provide training, including maintenance and inspection. Using checklists on a daily basis, among other efforts, helps you stay in line with the law, and avoid accidents and costly repairs. The advantages of identifying and fixing problems before they cause accidents or become worse are huge.

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Important Questions before Buying Your Next Forklift

The decision whether or not to go for a new forklift for sale must never be approached casually, but rather, follow a methodical approach that answers a number of pertinent questions. The objective is to save money and chart the best way forward for your company. Here are some of the questions that you need to ask before buying your next forklift.

What’s the nature of your need?

The first thing that you need to do is clearly define the nature of your need. Do you need a replacement forklift or you need to expand your fleet? If it is for the purpose of replacing a forklift that has come to the end of its life, you may need to also weigh options such as going for a forklift for rent and realizing the salvage value of the old forklift to reduce your investment in the replacement truck.

If you are expanding

In the event that the need is arising out of the need for expansion, it must be clear whether it is for the purposes of raising productivity or establishing new operations. If it is an increase in operation hours, the capacity of existing equipment must be established and options such as rentals or getting the current equipment serviced. The date, location, and other aspects of an operational expansion need must also be clearly defined.

Current brand Vs other options

Establish the operational efficiency of the makes and models of the forklifts in your fleet and compare with other options in the market before settling for a specific brand of used forklift, or salvage forklift for sale. Also establish the availability of forklift parts for sale for the forklift types under your consideration.

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Thursday, June 7, 2018

5 Must-Have Tools for a Forklift Mechanic

Taking care of your forklifts is a great way to ensure their safety, productivity, and longevity. As the old saying goes, ‘every mechanic is as good as their tools’, you need to have proper forklift accessories and tools as well as forklift parts to make sure that your forklift trucks are repaired and maintained properly. To help, this blog focuses on the list of 5 tools that should never be missing in your mechanic toolbox.


A camberjack makes changing load wheels a breeze. It takes the place of a conventional jack and works by simply being slid beneath the base leg, after which you can raise the base legs by pushing down the handle.

Grease gun

Regular service of your forklift and accessories also entails greasing the load wheels, mast, and a host of other parts. Such work is easy when you have a pistol grip grease gun in your toolbox. Make sure you also get a nozzle extension when you buy a grease gun.

Chain Gauge

The chain is one of the most vital forklift parts that go to the heart of its functionality. It is important to regularly test it to make sure that it is in the best shape. A chain gauge helps you do this enabling you to easily determine whether or not the chain needs replacing.

Crimping tool

Forklift service and repair sometimes calls for you to make cable assemblies using cables of different sizes according to the requirement. A crimping tool makes the task of crimping cable ends super-easy and quick. The tool features different sizing options, enabling you to handle just about any cable size.


An altimeter is a great tool when it comes to diagnosing and solving electrical issues. It will help you AC/DC voltage or current, duty cycle, resistance, frequency, and capacitance. Make sure you have all the right forklift equipment and tools to take care of your fleet.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping your Forklifts in Tip-Top Condition

Forklifts enjoy widespread use in different industries for a variety of lifting and hauling requirements for heavy and bulky items. That is perhaps the reason why they are something of a permanent prominent feature on OSHA violations list. Violations often involve use of wrong forklift accessories, lack of operator training, failure to install oem forklift parts, and inadequate forklift service. The importance of good forklift maintenance can never be overemphasized. Let’s take a look at some of the attributes of a well-maintained forklift truck.

Attributes of a Well-Maintained Forklift

  • Tires and wheels must be in a safe working condition
  • The battery must be in a good working condition and fully charged at all times
  • There must be no jerks or jumps when operating the clutch and gearshift
  • All brakes must be in a position to stop a truck that is loaded to capacity. This includes the deadman brake
  • The horn, reverse alarm, and other safety sounds must be working and clearly audible
  • All gauges and lights must be working properly
  • All liquid levels (fuel, water, and oil) must be maintained at safe levels by eliminating leaks
  • All restraints, including seatbelts, must be present and operational
  • Tilt mechanism must move freely and hold properly
  • There must be no damage (wear, cracks) to the forks, hydraulics, and lift mechanism
  • Forks must be free of any sort of dirt including grease and oils
  • Only standard forklift accessories must be used or installed. Refer to the user manual or speak to your forklift dealer if unsure.
  • Only oem forklift parts or compatibles recommended by the manufacturer must be installed.
  • The forklift must not produce and suspicious noises when you run the engine or get to work

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Pre-Requisite Skills for a Forklift Mechanic

When you go searching for forklifts for sale, it is important to deal with a dealer that gives you comprehensive services that include repairs and maintenance. You must also look into the availability of oem forklift parts for sale. Professionals that work with the forklifts, such as operators and mechanics, must be well trained and experienced. To give you a better understanding of the level of competency that is demanded in a forklift mechanic, we list some of the basic skills.

Skills of a forklift mechanic

A forklift mechanic is responsible for the diagnosis, adjustment, overhaul, repair, and basic maintenance of forklift and related forklift attachments such as side shifters, clamps and roll attachments, etc.


Establishing reasons behind forklift problems and charting the way forward


This involves carrying out routine maintenance and making sure that the necessary repairs or parts replacements are done.


Repairing forklifts as and when problems arise or are detected using the necessary forklift equipment and tools.

Resolving complex issues

A forklift mechanic is responsible for identifying complex problems and processing related information to come up with with alternative solution for assessment with the view top finding the best and implementing it.

Critical thinking

Forklift mechanics are supposed to be in a position to use knowledge, logic, experience, and reasoning to assess alternative solutions to problems, approaches, processes, and conclusions.


Keep a close eye on the various instruments such as dials, gauges and other vital signs to make sure that forklifts are working properly and safely.

Other skills

The head mechanic will also need to possess other crucial skills such as the ability to actively listen, assign tasks, and monitor the performance of subordinates.

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Thursday, May 24, 2018

How to Identify and Handle Common Forklift Abuse Issues

Proper use and maintenance of forklift trucks is an issue that ranks in priority as it has safety and ROI implications. Installing oem forklifts parts and shunning DIY forklift accessories are some of the proven measures to ensure safety and real ROI on your investment. Most practices that result in compromised functionality, safety, and lifespan often go unnoticed as efforts are invested elsewhere. In this blog, we look at some of the issues on which you need to focus.

Operator Training

Lack of operator training renders the workplace unsafe and also results in significant damage to your forklift equipment. Make sure your forklift operators have access to regular and ongoing training that includes instruction on how to perform the crucial daily tests.


Tires are one of the most important forklift parts on which you must keep a constant check. Maximum performance results from using proper tires as any chunking or wear can have a direct impact on stability by compromising axle components, wheels, the operator, as well as the load.


Improper use of the inching paddle can result in significant damage to the transmission. Such practices must be shunned and discouraged as the only best time to ride an inch paddle is when approaching a load.


Check for signs or wear or damage to the forks as it compromises their ability to safely lift and haul loads. Practices such as dragging the forks across the floor or using worn tires have a devastating impact on the health of your forks.

Leverage technology

Apart from training, policies, and safety standards, you can also take advantage of technology to avoid or detect forklift abuse as well as enhance safe practices. Some of the technologies you can install include speed limiters and impact monitors.

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