Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A Look At Some Common Forklift Applications

The forklift and conveyor manufacturing industry is worth a staggering $31+ Billion every year and the figures are expected to rise considerably in future. The industry employs around 100 000 people and features big names such as Toyota, Caterpillar, and Hyster. You can find all the best forklifts for sale in Atlanta, whether new, used, or salvage. In this brief read, we look at the various applications of forklift trucks across industries in moving large and heavy items. 


Although small warehouse operations can manage without a forklift, large operations demand the best forklifts for the job. Warehouses can choose from the various styles and sizes from forklifts for sale in Atlanta. The forklift trucks can offer range from pedestrian operated to large driver operated models. They serve myriad purposes and include but are not restricted to pallet trucks and shelf stackers. There are also a number of forklift attachments that are popular with warehouse operators when performing specific tasks. 


Forklift trucks were first used to load and unload barges and ships during the second world war. Since then, they have gone through lots of transformation and now work to haul huge containers from delivery trucks to dockyard storage, and ultimately to ships. They are super quick and efficient and also relied upon for the hauling and offloading of shipments.

Construction sites

Forklift trucks are also a common feature at construction sites, where they haul heavy building materials. They provide the functionalities of a truck and lifting equipment, which in some instances is replaced with truck mounted forklifts to haul the materials over great distances and even rough terrain. Truck mounted forklifts are widely used in a variety of configurations such as in bucket lifts. 

Other Uses

Various attachments enable forklifts to perform specialized tasks such as dust mopping, and wet, or dry sweeping warehouses, parking lots, and dock floors. A plow attachment can also be added to get rid of snow and dirt piles. Our forklifts for sale in Atlanta feature a wide range of forklifts for every requirement. We also provide top shelf forklift repair services in Atlanta for all popular forklift makes. Call us today to discuss your requirement and get the best options and deals on your next forklift truck.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Must-Have Forklift Safety Accessories

Safety is always of paramount importance when deploying your forklifts. It starts with choosing the right forklift for sale in Atlanta, hiring a certified operator, and equipping it with the necessary safety accessories. The majority of forklift that are in use could actually be made to be better prepared to take on their daily tasks. Here are 3 accessories that can help you expand and enhance your safety measures. 

Suspension chair

If you want to eliminate downtimes due to forklift operator injury, ergonomic or suspension chairs are the way to go. Money spent on suspension chairs gives your enterprise a healthy return on investment as your business will record a significant boost in productivity. Your forklift operators benefit from suspension chairs through improved posture, and relief to some common issues associated with working for extended hours. In such a scenario, efficiency in increased, compensation claims are reduced drastically, among many other benefits. Talk to your provider of forklifts for sale in Atlanta for the best suspension chairs.

Blue Strobe Lights

Safety lighting technology is another safety accessory that you ought to install on your forklifts. Blue strobe lights are the best of the technology and are commonly available as LED lights, making them better than other options at illuminating. The lights help make forklifts more visible and command attention. If you are working in poor lighting or fog, blue strobe lights make a perfect choice. You can buy them online and get your provider of forklift repairs in Atlanta to install them for you. 

Spill Kits

Spill kits are a must in work environment that deal in handling of hazardous materials. They comprise essential tools to prevent and remedy spill hazards. You can use the kit if your forklift has oil, battery acid, or anti-freeze leaks. Forklift operators and other employees can easily and safely deal with harmful spills with exposing themselves to any harm. 

You can never be too safe!

Talk to agents providing forklifts for sale or forklift repairs in Atlanta to get discuss and get advice on the safety accessories you need in your operations. Getting the best forklift repairs in Atlanta also helps bolster safety by ensuring that maintenance and repairs are carried out on time and that only forklift oem parts are installed.

Tips To Decide Whether To Repair Or Replace Your Forklift

If you are constantly finding yourself unable to decide whether you should continue to repair or sell your forklift truck this brief read is here to help. It is always important to know when to let go of old forklift trucks to cut your losses as opposed to holding on for some sentimental value at great cost. Forklift repair in Atlanta may cost you more if your truck is considerably aged. Although used forklifts parts in Atlanta can help you reduce repair costs, there comes a time to let go. Read on. 

When cost of ownership trumps buying a new one

The wear and tear of a forklift truck may reach such a point where it makes more sense to buy a new one as opposed to relying on repairs. The cost of ownership rises exponentially with the progression of time which makes it vital to know when its time. The best tool to help you decide is a cost-benefit analysis that takes into account costs associated with forklifts repair in Atlanta. 

Outdated technology

Forklift operators are constantly updating their skills to keep pace with new technologies and features in contemporary forklift trucks. This means that forklifts that too old may present problems for most operators and even hinder their efficiency. Make sure that your fleet comprises forklifts whose technology makes work and safety easy accomplish.
Transmission fails

A general rule of thumb that applies to cars and trucks is that the car goes with the demise of the transmission. The reason behind this is that transmission failure often occurs when the vehicle’s powertrain warranty has lapsed and it has aged considerably. In such instances, there is hardly enough miles left in the truck to justify an investment in repairs and forklift spare parts in Atlanta or any other place. Save the money meant for a new transmission and use it as a down-payment on a new forklift for sale

Get Expert help

If you are not sure whether or not it is time to replace your forklift truck, talk to reputable providers of forklift repair services in Atlanta for advice. Consider the availability of new and used forklift parts in Atlanta for any options on your shortlist. Look for reputable forklift repair services in Atlanta online and discuss your options before parting with your money.

5 Important Forklift Battery Care Tips

After finding the best forklift for sale in Atlanta, it is important to assign a certified and experienced operator, as well as know how to maintain it. Apart from ensuring the general good health of your forklift, the battery also deserves special attention. Without the proper care, it is easy for your forklift battery to suddenly get weak, fail to maintain a proper charge, or malfunction. Such a scenario negatively impacts your operations by failing to cater to your forklift truck’s power requirements for the duration of a day’s work. Let’s look at 5 ways you can increase the life of your forklift battery. 

Maintain the battery

The first and perhaps obvious way to increase the life of your forklift battery is to make sure that it receives proper maintenance. Proper forklift maintenance helps make sure that it does not wear out or deteriorate at an abnormal rate. Some of the steps you can take include keeping the terminals in a tip-top condition, keeping away corrosion and rust, as well as checking for any battery acid leaks. 

Charge after an 8-hour shift

Knowing the proper frequency to charge your battery helps enhance its lifespan. According to expert advice, doing so after an 8-hour shift is the best way to achieve that objective. Also make sure that all forklift truck batteries are fully charged before the start of a new working day. Instruct all forklift operators to keep an eye on the power levels throughout every day to nip problems in the bud. 

Keep away from ‘Quick charges’

Quick charges are out of the question. Proper full battery charging has no shortcuts. This is one of the notable ways you can avoid damaging the battery and adopting an inefficient approach. Talk to your provider of forklift repairs in Atlanta on the best charging practices if you run into problems associated with improper battery charging. 

Charge in a ventilated area

You need to charge your forklift battery without any disruption or occlusions and also keep away oxidation. This can only be achieved by charging it in a well-ventilated area. Oxidation results in rust, which negatively impacts the battery life. Talk to your provider of forklifts for sale in Atlanta for tips on how best you can design such an area. 

Do not over discharge

Abnormal discharge loads cut short the life of your battery. Avoid discharging more than 80 percent of your batteries. When you go shopping for a forklift for sale in Atlanta, find a battery that gives you the best discharge curve. Ask your provider of forklift repairs in Atlanta to check your battery every time the truck goes for maintenance or repairs. Make sure your forklift operators are educated on the best battery care practices

Tips to Avoid Mistakes When Operating A Forklift

Forklift rentals in Atlanta give you access to an extensive range of forklift trucks for all requirements. Apart from getting the best forklift for the job, you must also get a skilled person to operate it. Efficiency and safety demand attention, precision, and the adoption of practices designed to keep the workplace safe. Forklift operators have a huge role to play to maintain safety around the warehouse and job sites. Here are some common mistakes that forklift operators must avoid to promote safe forklift operation.

Avoid reckless forklift operation

It is always important to engage in responsible forklift operation. Practices such as looking behind the forklift before reversing can never be overemphasized. Any provider of forklift rentals in Atlanta will tell you how many accidents in the workplace are a result of failure by forklift operators to consistently engage in safe driving and operation practices. Being mindful of your driving and avoiding taking sharp turns or driving at excessive speeds is the only way you can see and avoid any potential risks to yourself and the environment
Maintain space awareness

This is not a problem that not only affects newbie forklift operators but seasoned ones as well. Your perception of the size of your load may not not always be the reality. Always make it a point to get help from a co-worker with space awareness. 

Observe your surroundings

Many accidents and injuries in warehouses and at job sites are a direct result of operators failing to observe their surroundings. Just like with motor vehicles, the use of mobile devices also plays a significant part in the accidents. Make sure your head is always on the swivel and looking out for any risks that may arise. 

Don’t exceed the load limit

Trying to haul loads that exceed the capacity of the forklift is also a significant cause of workplace accidents. Apart from accidents, many other issues may arise from carrying loads that are greater than what the forklift manufacturer prescribed. If you are looking for reputable forklift rentals in Atlanta, your search ends here. We also provide the best used forklifts for sale in Atlanta. Call us today at ……………………… to discuss your requirements.

Energy Efficient Benefits of Electric Forklifts

Are you on the hunt for a forklift for sale in Atlanta? The market is awash with options and it is easy to get confused as to which one to pick. Before you concern yourself with choosing the best make and model, the first order of business is whether to go for a gas or electric powered forklift. The best addition to your fleet is an electric forklift and you can find forklifts for sale in Atlanta with a simple search online. Providers of forklifts and forklift parts in Atlanta can also give you access to cost effective options. Here are some of the energy efficient benefits that you stand to gain from an electric forklift.
Environmental friendliness

There is so much talk and action globally around protecting the environment. You can play your part by opting for an electric forklift as it does not pollute the air owing to the absence of exhaust emissions. Some forklift manufacturers are actually raising the bar in terms of environmental management protocols such as ISO 14001 Certification. Electric forklifts allow you to save on overheads while integrating other green technologies to further reduce any negative impact on the environment. 

Lower maintenance costs

Although you will have to pay a little bit more for an electric forklift, you will incur lesser maintenance and repair costs. Forklift repair service providers in Atlanta can cater to all popular forklift makes and models. Electric forklift have lesser moving components and mechanism owing to the absence of a combustion engine. You can forget about buying oil, belts, spark plugs, pistons, and converters when you go hunting for new or used forklift parts in Atlanta

Ample power and capacity

Electric forklifts offer equal and in some cases better power and capacity when compared with gas forklift. You can haul the same loads that are assigned to gas forklifts. They can haul goods up to 3,500 pounds. Talk with a provider of forklifts for sale in Atlanta to explore available options to meet your requirements. 

Save costs and the environment

There is every reason to go for an energy efficient option when you go shopping for forklifts for sale in Atlanta. Choose a model for which you can easily find new and used forklift parts in Atlanta. Providers of new and used forklift also give you access to the best forklift maintenance and repairs in Atlanta. It is advisable to research on the different makes and models before going in the market.

Warehousing 101: Optimizing Forklift Maintenance

If you are looking to streamline your warehouse operations and business processes, proper forklift maintenance is a good starting point. Due diligence starts when you go hunting for forklifts for sale in Atlanta. It is folly to consider the price without looking at the costs of forklift oem parts and repair in Atlanta associated with the specific brand and model under consideration. Proper forklift maintenance and repair helps you reduce or eliminate downtimes, reduce repair costs, and run operations more smoothly.

Archaic safety practices

Safety in any warehouse largely relies on the safety practice in place. Failure to keep up with changes with regards to safety can result in fundamental errors, accidents, injuries, and even death during maintenance. Optimize your forklift maintenance practices by tapping into relevant changes within the industry.

Poor emissions control

You risk incurring fines if your forklift trucks don’t meet emissions control requirements. Any effective forklift maintenance regimen must be mindful of emissions control requirements to avoid the burden of fines on your warehouse at the time of inspections. One way to go about this is integrating green technology. 

Unchecked leaks

Forklift maintenance crews and operators must liquid levels. Checking hydraulic fluid, battery, and coolant before releasing a forklift from the workshop or operating it should be standard practice to avoid overheating, loss of power and failed forks. It goes without saying how disastrous any of these incidents can be during the critical phases of hauling goods. Identify and fix problems before they demand costly repairs. You can get affordable used forklift parts in Atlanta to help keep your maintenance costs down. 

Inaccurate tire pressure

Any forklift operator, owner, mechanic, or warehouse manager knows the importance maintaining the correct tire pressure at all times. That is why checking tire pressure should become second nature. Underinflating means poor traction, while overinflating can lead to blowouts. Forklift operators must keep pressure gauges handy at all times to avoid accidents and costly forklift repairs.

Get expert help

Not checking brakes routinely can also result in disaster or unnecessary costs. Talk to your provider of forklifts for sale in Atlanta to discuss the availability and costs of forklift oem parts in Atlanta for the forklift you want to buy or already own. They can also help you with forklift repairs and finding used forklift parts in Atlanta that have been tested. Discuss your forklift maintenance regime for advice on any areas that you may need to work on to improve safety and efficiency, and lower costs.