Friday, October 28, 2016

Forklift Companies are not all the same

Why Accurate Forklift

  Accurate Forklift has been in the Atlanta area for over nineteen years specializing in Forklift ServiceForklift Rental and New and Used Forklift Parts. Our name is a trusted name in the forklift industry. We provide quality Forklift parts and add-ons at a fair price. From our #1 certified mechanics to our knowledgeable Forklift Parts staff, we look forward to helping you save on downtime and reducing the overall cost of maintaining your Forklift fleet.

  We take great pride in the outstanding Forklift service that we offer our customers. Because your material handling operations are extremely important to your business, we believe that providing you with a knowledgeable, dependable and responsive forklift service team is vital to keeping your operations running efficiently at all times.

With over 50 years experience in the forklift industry, our sales, parts, service, and Forklift rental departments eagerly look forward to helping you and your company by satisfying any and all material handling needs. We have been servicing forklifts the Atlanta area for 16 years and have grown to servicing the entire Southeast with excellent forklift service, forklift rentals, and used froklift parts. Give us a call today if there is anything that we can do for your business.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Forklifts Atlanta At Your Service

Accurate Forklift Atlanta is a professional acknowledged company that provides forklift sales, forklift services, forklift rental and forklift parts. With years of combined experience, Accurate Forklift Atlanta are constantly expanding & have been surpassing every expectation since they opened in 1993.

Although the specialties lay in the entire types of forklifts & their services, Accurate Forklifts focus point is striving to provide the top level of customer service with the strong endeavors to employ their eager & motivated team to continue producing outstanding results.

We’ve worked hard over the past years to refine the standards of operation to make sure that every contact you have with Accurate Forklift in Atlanta is a satisfactory one. Although their goals are set-high, their plan is to maintain small business feeling that supports everything that they do.

Accurate Forklift has achieved all these by never forgetting the most significant part of their business, the customer. At Accurate Forklifts Atlanta, they want to be in the business with you. They’ll do whatever it takes & go the extra mile to confirm that the product & service they deliver meets & exceeds your expectations.

They provide used forklifts for a wide range of industries & applications. They carry top brands like Hyster, Nissan, Yale and Toyota forklifts in a variety of sizes that suits your specific requirements. They will help you to choose the perfect model. Every model they have is for sale, they also offer forklifts for rent. A lower-cost option is available if you only have interim need for the materials handling equipment. They also sell fully refurbished used forklift truck models. Buying used trucks can mean fulfilling your requirements with an inexpensive forklift option. Be sure and call Accurate Forklift in Atlanta for all your forklift needs.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

An Introduction To Forklift Trucks

A Forklift truck is one of the most used machines employed for several types of tasks. They range from warehouse use to large scale industry with multiple locations. They make lifting of heavy objects fast and a whole lot easier than manual lifting. There is a wide range of forklifts to select from going well with your particular requirements and necessities. Rough Terrain forklift trucks are used primarily in new construction work locations and areas where you may be on dirt or loose gravel.

Forklift trucks are either powered by propane, electricity, gasoline or diesel. Electric forklift trucks rely on the batteries to operate. Propane or gasoline forklifts are faster or stronger than electric forklifts, but they’re more difficult in maintenance, & fuel can be costly. The electric forklift trucks are great for the warehouse use as they don’t give-off noxious fumes like the gas-powered machines do.
Forklifts are often used in the warehouses; however, some of them are meant to be used outdoors. Vast majority of rough-terrain forklift trucks operate on propane or gasoline, but some of them are powered by natural gas or diesel. Rough terrain forklifts have the greatest lifting capacity of the entire forklifts & heavy duty tires, making it likely to drive on uneven surfaces outdoors. Forklifts have revolutionized the warehouse work. Well-maintained & safely operated forklift trucks make lifting & transporting cargo infinitely easier.

It’s important for the forklift operators to follow every given safety precaution while using them. Drivers must be very careful not to exceed the weight capacity or forklift. Driving a forklift truck is similar to driving a car in reverse. It means that the motorist must steer constantly to keep it moving in straight line. Always perform a scheduled forklift service on all you lifts and they will last a long time and save you countless hours of manual lifting.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Is Forklift Rental A Good Idea For Short-Term Or Small Jobs?

In a number of industries, forklifts are a must for temporary or may be short-term projects. Machinery Rental is often preferred over buying the equipment outright, or committing to a lease agreement.

These days, forklifts are used in multiple industries, including construction, agriculture, landscaping and mining. A business in any of these industries that requires a specific forklift unit for a short-term job or niche project should consider renting one, rather than investing in the costly machine.

Likewise, a business that dabbles in various industries, such as agriculture, construction, and landscaping, can profit from a timely, short term rental of a forklift. A rented unit can be handy when a specific project warrants a forklift. A business can easily rent a forklift tractor for an agricultural job, or a boom lift for a construction project.

What kinds of jobs are suitable for forklift rentals?

You may be wondering what kind of project would warrant a rental. Jobs that can prosper from a short-term rental will meet these criteria:
  • Industry Specific 
  • Temporary 
  • Niche/Specialty 
If a business requires the use of a specific forklift model for a single job, and has no intentions of using that forklift again, it makes economic sense to rent a forklift, rather than buying or leasing one.

Further, if a job warrants the use of a forklift for one business day or a set number of hours, it wouldn’t be a smart financial investment to buy a new piece of equipment, or sign a lease that can last as long as three years.

Ultimately, many companies in the construction, agricultural, mining and landscaping industries tend to rent forklifts if a project is specialized, short-term, or pertains to an industry’s individualized requirements (like excavating, digging, or hauling).

What is the process to rent forklift equipment?

Most vendors offer companies user-friendly forklift machinery rentals within a day’s notice for emergency or short-term jobs. Forklift rental costs can differ, beginning as low as $100 to $150 each day for a 3,000 to 5,000 pound piece of equipment, $150 to $300 per day for a 6,000 to 10,000 pound piece of equipment, or $200 to $700 per day for a 10,000 to 30,000 pound piece of equipment.

To determine the cost for a forklift rental, a vendor can provide an estimate for with your job scope in mind. A company must provide details about the project, specifically the type and expected duration of use, in addition to the preferred forklift models needed.

As with all rental transactions, it's critical to verify ahead of time that rental machinery is operational, and that any equipment failure will be covered under the rental agreement. When acquiring a lift truck rental, it's prudent to work with a vendor that can offer modern machinery to support the timely and safe completion of a job.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Buying Forklifts: Why Used Forklifts May Be The Best Solution

Are you working on something which requires a lot of products and material handling? Are you tired of hiring Materials and products handling equipment again and again on heavy rents? Running out of budget just due to this? Want to own a Fork lift? Thinking that you can’t afford one? Looking forward to start a forklift business in Atlanta but not ahead on budget to own a good fleet of lifts? Looking for answers to any of these questions? Then you have landed on a perfect platform. Here we will help you in finding the solution to such issues.

Buying a Used Forklift for the purpose is the best solution you can come up with. Though you have to make some extra efforts in finding out a well maintained and engine wise fit used forklift for sale in Atlanta. As there is no comparison in owning a forklift and hiring a forklift. Hiring a forklift may cause you financial loss and you are also tight on working deadlines. If you have your own forklift, you can do any amount of work whenever you want. You need not to worry about the rent deadlines.

Some people are afraid to buy used products. Well in the case of lifts, buying a used forklift will reduce the initial cost to a great extent. Moreover, after sometime, you can earn a good profit from that forklift. You can also refurbish the lifts by changing the chains, lifts, engine components and that forklift will serve as a new forklift. You can also sell that forklift at good profit margin too.

Moreover, you always need to ask for some warranty period when buying a used forklift in Atlanta. You need to get some really expert technicians who can give you a green signal to buy the lift truck in Atlanta after proper inspection. Moreover you need to ask the workers to carry out the necessary maintenance after the purchase. You need to get a toolbox with the lift so that the operators can resolve any issue occurring during the operational period.

There are several used lift trucks available for sale in Atlanta. You need to write down your requirements and then look for appropriate used fork trucks for sale in Atlanta. There are several companies in Atlanta which give a warranty on the parts of used lifters for sale in Atlanta. You can also contact them. But they will charge you a bit more. If you are willing to spend some extra bucks on the warranty of you lifter truck, then you should consult them.

Do not hesitate to buy a used lift just because its second hand. Inspect the lift truck properly, go for some maintenance and refurbishing and your Forklift will be just like a new one in far little expense. Good luck with your purchase!!!